A special attitude toward travel lives in us since childhood: you look forward to summer vacations with trips to the countryside, to the country house, to a camp, or to the sea, as the most real adventure. You, in general, do not care about the conditions in which to live, eat and sleep, because the main thing is to gain experience, meet new friends and see something that no one (or at least you) has not seen.

Years go by, the craving for adventure remains, you wait for summer vacation even more than before, but we want to rest in comfort. If a comfortable summer vacation in Russia can also be done on a budget, there is no limit to our happiness. We love our readers, so we are happy to tell you where to go in the summer in Russia, what to see and how to save money on the trip. In this article, you will not find notes on the usual Sochi, Yalta and Gelendzhik. Experiment with us!

Mini-marine, delicious fish and parasailing: we study Seliger.


Many have heard about the beauty of Lake Seliger. Nearby is a popular venue for student and scientific forums, the Nilo-Stolobensky Hermitage Monastery and Shishkin's favorite island Gorodomlya - where the artist wrote sketches for the painting "Morning in a Pine Forest.

Clean water, sandy beaches, romantic sunsets, boat trips and traditional Russian architecture of the tourist Ostashkov create a perfect picture of a vacation in the middle belt. Add to that the freshest fish, which is sold here at every step (salted, smoked, dried), and not just any fish - you can easily try catfish or eel, caught by the monks of the desert. Fishing on your own from a boat or pier is also possible - responsive locals will tell you where the bite is best.

Thanks to the prosperity of fisheries Ostashkov can be called a city of cats - fishermen generously feed the fluffy little fish, often sawed for them separate "doors" in the fences and built stairs to the windows.

Extreme lovers can try their hand at parasailing (rise into the sky with a parachute tied to a boat), and for a relaxing holiday designed boat trips with tours or live music.

Please note

The season here begins in May and lasts until the end of September, but fans of swimming we recommend to come no earlier than the second half of June and no later than the end of August.

Learn current news of Ostashkov, see bus and train schedules and even find lodging on the official website of the city.

I want to go to Seliger!

To see Baikal is to come alive.

Irkutsk region

In Russia, even a high school student knows that Baikal is a real wonder of the world and a jewel of our nature. Nevertheless, people come here not only to enjoy the sights and take impressive pictures. For example, gourmands appreciate the Baikal cuisine and hurry to try manty-"buuza" in the form of yurts and salad made of ferns. Adventure lovers go out on the ice in winter, and in summer they go diving, fishing or climb the Chersky rock in Listvyanka, which offers a spectacular view of the lake and surroundings.

Bathers are advised to stick to the bays and gulfs - the water there is traditionally the warmest. Fans of wildlife on Baikal have an opportunity to watch the seals, and in June you can also watch their movement to the shore - to the rookery. You have to visit Ushkany Islands and wait for the sunset. You will see a really unique sight - as a rule there are about 2000 seals on the resting place at one time.

Aesthetes can discover the wonders of the Circum-Baikal Railway. It is enough to browse the pictures on the Internet to immediately decide to get on the train. The minimum price for a ticket is 1100 rubles, and it depends on the complexity and length of the chosen route.

Let's pack our bags and go to Baikal!

Hear the whisper of the stars: let's go to Altai.

Altai Krai

Two hours from Gorno-Altaisk, Barnaul or Novosibirsk, and you are in Belokurikha - a resort with thermal springs, horseback rides, cable cars and many other attractions. Let's talk about it one by one.

Belokurikha is famous for its health-improving combination of mountain air, silicon waters and therapeutic mud. And, although most vacationers come here for health programs, lovers of outdoor activities will easily find something to do. For example, you can go down into the caves, ride a horse in the mountains or visit the water park. Climb the ecological trail to the "Old Mill" and feed the chipmunks from the hands. But the main advantages of this area are the serenity and tranquility away from the noise and pace of the big cities. If you believe travelers, visiting Belokurikha is like putting a plantain on your frayed nerves. Tempting prospect, isn't it?

See Altai in person? Easy:

Open a bottle of good wine and, at the same time, the New World.

Crimea, Sudak urban district

You can read about the New World with pleasure and lovers of Soviet cinema, and connoisseurs of history, and connoisseurs of fine drinks.

The first champagne house in Russia was opened in this small village in 1878, and it was founded by Prince Golitsyn himself. The history of the factory is long, beautiful and sometimes tragic, but what can intrigue you is this: soon after the opening of production, Novosvet Champagne was presented at an exhibition in Paris and won first place, beating the legendary Moet champagne. The employees of the plant will be glad to tell you the details of the story during the tour. They will show you all the stages of production of the beverage of the aristocrats and teach you how to taste wine properly.

Novy Svit village is located in a surprisingly picturesque and valuable place. On Cape Kapchik, which has the outline of a dolphin, stretches relict juniper grove. The healing properties of juniper have long been known to those who monitor the health of the respiratory system. It is a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent, and even along the small twisting trees is just nice to stroll, looking at the sea, bays and caves. Return from the grove is worth the trail Golitsyn - with it offers an unforgettable view of the beaches, cliffs, sunrises and sunsets of New World.

Shall we uncork the New World?

Waterfalls, mountain rivers and open-air monuments: welcome to Dagestan.

Republic of Dagestan

The diverse nature of Dagestan makes the republic look like a giant film set. Mountains and violent rivers, sea and waterfalls, liana forest, plains, abandoned fortresses and auls - in one trip to this amazing region you can live a whole life or at least feel like an Indiana Jones character.

You can fully appreciate the beauty of Dagestan by renting a car when you arrive in Makhachkala or by taking a road trip first. Drive to the Caspian Sea to see picturesque Derbent from the height of Naryn-Kala fortress. It's one of the oldest structures in Russia - now about 5,000 years old - but you can still see baths, a mosque, a temple of fire worshippers, an underground prison and a cross-domed temple on its grounds.

A real legend of the republic (and, by the way, of the Istagram) can be considered Gamsutl aul on the crest of Gamsutlmeer mountain. For many years there was an Avar settlement here, inaccessible to invaders, with its own kindergarten, school and even a maternity hospital. Unfortunately, recently the village has been deserted, but travelers have a unique opportunity to walk through its quiet stone streets, enter the houses and look through the remnants of the roofs and windows at the pink sunset sky.

The natural diversity of Dagestan is so great that it allows you to walk in the "desert" and reach the ancient jungle. In the first case we suggest to make a trip to the sand mountain Sarykum - your eyes will open a really "alien", fascinating landscape. As it is impossible to enter the same river twice, so the sands of Sarykum are not the same - after each storm the peaks change their shape. It is possible to ride quad bikes through the "desert" - ask the local guides, they will definitely tell you who to ask.

If you prefer lush vegetation and the tropics, go to the Samurian Liana Forest. From mid-July to September you can observe lotus blossoms here, and at any time you can meet wild animals included in the Red Book. The forest itself descends to the sandy shore of the Caspian Sea, so you can end your walk with a swim in a secluded spot.

There is no need to say how many colorful and hearty dishes await gourmets in Dagestan - the hospitality of this region is legendary. Be sure to try the traditional Dargin chudu (pies) with meat and potatoes, kalpama (flatbread porridge) and flour halva - bakhukh.

Dagestan fascinated you?

Dance together with the trees on the Curonian Spit.

Kaliningrad region

If the noise of the city is not for you, but you do not want to spend your vacation at the wheel, go to the Curonian Spit, where picturesque natural corners surprise with variety, and the sea - with transparency. Visit Dancing forest near Rybachy village to walk along winding tree trunks, and visit Fringilla ornithological station - currently 2/3 of Russian birds are ringed here.

Two heights, Eph and Müller, will help you feel the contrast of the surrounding scenery. The first is the top of one of the largest dunes in Europe, Walnut. Here the sky meets the sands, almost without vegetation. The second is the highest point of Swamp Dune, decorated with conifers. One thing they have in common is that both are named after German arborists who discovered a way to anchor the shifting sands and thus secure the buildings of the locals against them.

A hiking trail ending at Swan Lake unites these enchanting views. The thickets of the lake are home to many waterfowl, including mute swans. You can watch the birds in favorable weather and take beautiful pictures from the observation deck.

If you have long dreamed of waking up by the sea, consider renting a bungalow nearby - not the most budget-friendly pleasure, but the vivid emotions of direct access to the water are guaranteed. In addition, if the refreshing Baltic Sea has not had time to warm up (bathing season here starts later, in late June), owners of bungalows can provide hot tubs with a view of the waves. It's a great idea for a photo shoot, bachelorette party or date night.

Let's go to the Curonian Spit!

Excursions in the depths of the mountains, waterfalls and marble: getting to know Ruskeala.


Ruskeala Mountain Park is probably the most visited and photographed place in Karelia. Here the marble mountains merge with the turquoise water of the lakes and are framed by bright, fluffy greenery. In addition to traditional hiking trails, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from diving to trolling (zip-lining), a rope park, and symphony orchestra performances.

There are two main hiking routes in Ruskeala, and both can be hiked with a guide or on your own. The first, shorter one, goes through Marble Canyon, the second is the way of the mountain masters, through the Italian quarry. There is also a third type of walking tours - in the tunnels at the underground lake, but there are several restrictions: for safety reasons, children under 3 years old are not served, and adult visitors are urged to bring warm clothes.

In the Ruskeala waterfalls, fans of Soviet cinematography will recognize the place from the movie "The Dawns Here Are Quiet. Every year dozens of newlyweds come here to take their wedding vows in the most picturesque place in Karelia.

The most interesting time to visit Ruskeala is summertime. On warm days, there are laser and fire shows, and music festivals. But to get to the park is equally interesting in summer, autumn and winter - the railroad runs along the water and quarries, through the Karelian forests of amazing beauty. We recommend to enjoy the views from the window of "Ruskeala Express" - a tourist retro train on steam traction, the interiors of which are made in the style of the 19th century.

Let's take a picture in Ruskeala?

If it's too extreme, then the Commander Islands.

Kamchatka Peninsula

Let's not lie - a trip to the Commander Islands is better to plan with an experienced travel agent. If only because the plane you need to get to the village of Nikolskoye flies from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport only once a week. And because the only alternative route is by sea and takes more than 30 hours. The only "Vitus Bering Hotel" welcomes guests in Nikolskoye, which has not yet learned how to receive a large number of tourists.

To explore all the corners of the islands, you must obtain a permit - most of its beauties are part of the Commander Biosphere Reserve. And yet, if you can cope with all the obstacles (or buy a comfortable tour and set up for a long unique journey), what you see will more than compensate for the inconvenience. Waterfalls, misty mountain tops, ocean, abundance of birds and fish, rookeries of seals, humpback whales and sperm whales, foxes and porpoises - all this wild, remote from human eyes world will appear before you in its original form.

Conquer the Commander Islands?

Rest like noblemen and artists? Please come to Kislovodsk.

Stavropol Territory

Even in literature classes, each of us learned that the body and soul of a nobleman are best treated "at the waters. Today it is easier (and safer) to feel like a descendant of a noble family than a hundred years ago - it is enough to come to Kislovodsk.

The climate here is mild, and summers are moderately warm. For those who want to enter "energy-saving mode", there is no better place to be: stroll in silence through the majestic resort park, visit caves and waterfalls, breathe deep in the Temple of Air, which offers a truly magnificent view of Elbrus. In the heart of the resort park, find the ever-blooming rose garden, home to more than 80 species of rare roses.

Fans of the original architecture will be impressed by the recently restored Main Narzan baths, eclectic and evoking memories of Oriental palaces. You can continue your excursion around the city by Fyodor Chaliapin's dacha - the Art Nouveau-style mansion is now a literary and musical museum and hosts the "Chaliapin Seasons" festival.

If your main goal is treatment, consider buying a voucher. It is desirable to choose a sanatorium, which have their own pump rooms with mineral waters and are located in places with developed infrastructure. A good solution would be a trip to the Valley of the Narzans - among the picturesque mountain slopes right out of the ground beating as many as 20 springs of healing water.

Wanted to Kislovodsk?

"Comfortable place" in a bowl of mountains - Teberda.

Karachay-Cherkess Republic

"Comfortable place" in the title is not for the red-word - that is how the name of this resort town is translated from the Karachay language. Coziness, silence, modern sanatoriums, fruit trees, clean air and blue water of the river of the same name ensured Teberda a place in the "Top 10 Russian resorts of 2022".

A truly iconic attraction of the region is the Teberda Nature Reserve, where the famous resorts Dombay and Arkhyz are located. At an altitude of over 2,000 meters there are 157 lakes in the mountains, some of which can be viewed with a guide. Those who wish to visit the reserve can take one of the virtual tours or go horseback riding, and if you are lucky - see a bison or meet a butterfly - a swallowtail.

Please note

Some walks require permission from the KCR Border Guard Department because they are located in the border zone with Georgia.

Going to Teberda?

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