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Donna Clara Pastry Shop

ul. 14 Lenina St.

Editorial Opinion

Café-candy shop, warming the "heart" of the city - cozy and quiet Lenina Street. Pleasant interior in warm colors, solid wood tables, aroma of roasted coffee beans and lights around the perimeter of the large window create the atmosphere of a cozy home break for dessert. By the way, there are a lot of desserts in the facility: here you can find traditional "Milfeuille" and a line of cheesecakes, tartlets, mousse and sand cakes, meringue with buttercream and custard dough with chocolate. In addition, visitors will be offered author's cakes, ice cream of own production and milkshakes.

Seasonal drinks are a real decoration of the menu. Lavender and orange lattes, mulled wine, variations of cappuccino and raff-coffee. The company's baristas are especially proud of the fact that only 100% arabica of the 100% class is used in the preparation of drinks "Specialty.

If you want to have a substantial lunch before you get to the desserts, don't hurry to pass by: behind the door opposite, travelers will find Russian cuisine from the team of the Samovar restaurant. With Donna Clara, they are part of the same chain and complement each other perfectly.

Our assessment

4.3/ 5

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